Did you know that most serious diseases could be prevented if detected early?

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Our focus is on
five critical health areas:

Mental Health
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Cardiovascular Health

Cancer Defence

Respiratory Health

Kidneys Health

Our products combine innovative health analytics and guidance on preventive nutrition.

We offer products based on Biomarker and Genetic analysis.

Do you want to prevent early health risk indicators from increasing?

Our Bio products provide guidance on preventive nutrition tailored to your specific health needs.

and / or

Do you want to reduce your risk of following your family’s health history?

Our Gen products provide guidance on preventive nutrition tailored to your genetic health needs.

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Select and order the best product for you

Browse HEALTHY-LONGER‘s products and choose the item that is right for you. The dry urine or dry blood cards including instructions arrive by mail.

Collect the samples at home

Follow the instructions for use to collect your blood/urine samples. Your data is anonymous and only identifiable with a personal code.

Drop it in the mailbox

Place your samples and the completed form in the pre-addressed envelop, stamp it (priority mail recommended) and drop it in a regular mailbox.

Upon our notification download your report

Your report includes our recommendations for preventive nutrition. You’ll also learn about your genetic associations and your biomarker levels. Take your well-being into your own hands.

Key highlights of our first product:


Your mental health is not a mystery, it is chemistry. It is measurable and can be significantly influenced by nutrition.

Health Problem
  • 165 million people (38% of the European population) suffer from a mental health disorder each year (depression, anxiety, insomnia, dementia, addictions and others).(Source 4)

  • Over 50% of conventional medical treatments fail to produce the desired improvements. (Source 5)

  • Before administering antidepressants, current neurotransmitter levels (e.g. dopamine and serotonin) are often not taken into account which could lead to overdoses and more severe symptoms. (Source 6)

  • There is evidence that the quantity of essential nutrients in our food are insufficient for an optimal physical and mental health. (Source 7)

Product Solution
  • BALANCED MIND Bio is a brain biomarker (neurotransmitter) product to understand and manage your mental health. You’ll learn how to sleep, feel, and think better.

  • Your customized profile for your overall well-being, energy level, learning abilities, focus, motivation, sleep, and more are based on your current levels of the 21 crucial neurotransmitters. You will receive detailed guidance on scientifically proven preventive nutrition to bring your neurotransmitter levels in balance.

  • This is how it works and why what you eat is essential for your mental health:

Nutrients in your food are necessary to produce certain substances in your body and brain.

Those substances are essential to produce sufficient levels of neurotransmitters.

Optimal levels of neurotransmitters are necessary for your brain and nervous system to function properly.

Your Mental

Did you know that...

…7 of the 10 most common illnesses have a genetic risk of more than 30%? (Source 8)

…only about 6% of cancers are detected during general screening? (Source 9)

…only 1% - 6% of health care costs are spent on prevention, mostly on campaigns? (Source 10)

...early detection of serious diseases lead to at least 50% less costs? (Source 11)

You can manage your health – your genes are not your destiny.