Roland was Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Executive Management of responsAbility Investments AG. Prior to that, Roland was a partner and senior manager in various private equity and venture capital businesses in Switzerland, Australia, and Hong Kong. Between 1992 and 2002, Roland was an investment banker at Credit Suisse and Credit Suisse First Boston in New York and London. Roland is an advisor to the Startup Academy Basel. 

“Sadly, my father passed away from a severe heart attack at the age of 59 (my age now). Since then, doctors I visited in Switzerland and around the world have asked me whether I have any family history as I developed high blood pressure and relatively high cholesterol levels. Despite my family history, every single doctor benchmarked my heart and blood levels against societal averages, as is the case for everyone. I regularly had my heart and blood checked. In the annual stress test in May 2020, I performed 60% better than my age group. Luckily, one diligent doctor noticed a potential blood-flow problem in my heart during the ultrasound check-up. One month later, I had an open heart operation as I required a triple bypass surgery. It turned out that one of the three main heart arteries was dead (yes, I had an unnoticed heart attack), and the other two were 80% clogged. Since I turned to a plant-based diet, I have stopped drinking alcohol, and lost 18 kg. I feel very well. My heart and blood levels are better than ever. I am gladly taking my second chance! I joined Joanna to establish and develop HEALTHY-LONGER as I profoundly believe in our purpose and products. I only wish they had been available earlier.”