Focus: Mental Health

Our mental health products help you optimize the balance of the neurotransmitters in your brain, keeping you healthy and resilient with preventive nutrition.

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Focus: Cardiovascular Health

Our cardiovascular products help reduce the most common health risks including ischemic stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease through preventive nutrition.

General recommendations like eating healthy or changing your lifestyle are often insufficient to reduce cholesterol in your blood or to lower high blood pressure. HEALTHY-LONGER offers an alternative to medication.

Available Q3/2022

Focus: Cancer Defence

Our cancer defense products help reduce silent and asymptomatic health risks with preventive nutrition. The prevention focuses on nutrients that have proven to be effective in strengthening resistance against cancer.(Source 1)

Available Q4/2022

Focus: Healthy Lungs

These products are suitable for adults concerned about their lung health, including concerns stemming from genetic predispositions, family history, frequent lung infections and other factors. Our preventive nutrition recommendations focus on nutrients to support the strength and resilience of your lung function.

Available 2023

Focus: Healthy Kidneys

Our kidney products are created for adults concerned about the strength of their kidney function. We offer a genetic analysis of variants associated with kidney health and a biomarker product to monitor the performance of the renal function. Both products include scientifically supported preventive nutrition recommendations to help the kidneys perform as they should.

Available 2023

Focus: Gift Certificate

This is for you who would like to give our product(s) to your loved ones so that they could register with us and select a suitable product on our order page.

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General Product Information

Our products are designed to help you understand, prevent and maintain your health through preventive nutrition. Based on the status of your biomarkers or your genetic variants, we will provide you with nutritional recommendations you can incorporate into your daily nutrition. While performing a genetic analysis only once is helpful, you can repeat a biomarker-based product to monitor your progress and success.

Please note that HEALTHY-LONGER products do NOT present you with genetic predispositional information or likelihood of developing a disease or a condition. This would require more extensive genetic information gathered by medical specialists, covering your family tree, onsets or offsets of certain gene expressions, and additional sequencing. Therefore, we recommend a consultation with medical specialists for the medical information, diagnosis, or predisposition information.

Our products are a resource for nutrition-based prevention methods based on your unique needs.

We analyze a scientifically supported selection of your genetic variants or a set of biomarkers that are blood or urine-based.

We require dry blood or dry urine samples.

No. We gather genetic information solely for nutritional purposes. Therefore, our analysis is neither medical nor diagnostic and cannot determine the likelihood of developing a particular disease or provide a DNA profile.

We’ve partnered with leading laboratories. As a result, you benefit from the lab’s quality, research, experience, logistics, and more.

Genetic products: The report contains an analysis of your genetic variants related to the chosen health area and scientifically supported preventive nutrition recommendations to reduce health risks.

Biomarker products: The values of your biomarkers and scientifically proven preventive nutrition recommendations can help you reduce health risks. Preventive nutrition is not just about eating healthily but adding scientifically proven adequate nutrients to influence a specific risk biomarker.

Our products are best for anyone who would like to utilize preventive nutrition to reduce their health risks and stay healthy longer.

We recommend monitoring your general well-being, especially your genetic risk factors. It’s also an excellent idea to analyze your risk status with the biomarker product in question.

After following our nutrition recommendations for three to six (recommended) months, we suggest reviewing the effectiveness of the preventive nutrition added to your food. To help determine the impact, we offer a follow-up product

We want to prevent as many severe diseases as possible. Our products could have a significant impact on harmful diseases with a high recovery rate when detected early. The cause of many conditions often lies in the quality of our nutrition over a long period.

These diseases are a significant burden on our health care systems and, more importantly, our quality of life.

Balanced MIND Bio

Product Summary
  • BALANCED MIND Bio is a brain biomarker (neurotransmitter) product for improving mental health, focusing on sleeping better, feeling better, and thinking better. ​Based on the lab results of your levels of the 21 most essential neurotransmitters, you will receive your risk profile for well-being, energy, learning, focus, motivation, sleep, and more. In addition, we will provide you with scientifically proven preventive nutritional recommendations to balance your brain for optimal brain health.

Who could benefit?
  • Anyone suffering from the symptoms listed below and would like to improve their mental health. In addition, adults who have been prescribed medication and are dissatisfied with their current mental health state.

    Well-being & energy

    Low mood and energy, depression, anxiety​, irritability, low libido

    Cognition & motivation

    Learning, memory, attention, or issues with concentration


    Insomnia, sleep disturbances


    Burn out, anxiety, exhaustion


    Eating disorders, weight management, obesity.

How does it work?
    1. We will send you dry urine cards including instructions for use, a questionnaire for sample analysis, and an envelope with the lab address.
    2. You’ll take four urine samples at home throughout the day. Then, complete the questionnaire and send it to the laboratory in the provided envelope.
How does testing work?
  • We use dried sera cards manufactured by the Eastern Business Form (EBF) for your urine samples. EBF provides the first CE-marked dried urine cards for home use and has 40 years of experience.

  • The samples are tested by our partner, ZRT Laboratories, a leader in dry urine-based neurotransmitter tests globally for hospitals and healthcare specialists.

  • Medical doctors review every ZRT laboratory test before release. Lab results are one of the inputs to your report.

What will my report contain?

Your report is delivered electronically to your personal HEALTHY LONGER Account. It contains the following:

  • A review of your neurotransmitter imbalances concerning the most significant symptoms you indicated in the laboratory questionnaire.

  • Your mental health profile, based on the lab results of the 21 most important neurotransmitters used by the brain and nervous system to regulate your mood, sleep, learning, focus, memory, appetite, energy, motivation, and more.

  • Tailored preventive nutrition recommendations to balance your neurotransmitter levels and improve your mental health. All nutritional recommendations are scientifically validated with provided references to medical and preventive studies.

  • Please see „additional information“ section with a link to a sample report below.

How is success measured?
  • Follow our preventive nutritional recommendations to balance your neurotransmitters.

  • Observe your well-being regularly and after three to six months, measure the effectiveness of your efforts with our follow-up product. Continue your journey with preventive nutrition

  • If you have significant imbalances, you may want to consult your doctor or a specialist. Our report is for informational purposes only – we do not heal or diagnose.

Is it
worth it?
  • The price for this product is CHF475. We believe that this value should be compared to the cost of at least two specialists & doctor visits, one laboratory test, and at least two sessions with a nutrition consultant.

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